APEC CBPR Cross Border Privacy Rules

What is APEC CBPR?

The CBPR Certification is based on the APEC Privacy Framework endorsed by APEC to facilitate personal data flows among APEC economies and to demonstrate accountability in data protection.  It applies to organisations (data controllers) that control the collection, holding, processing, or use of personal data.



Together with PRP, the CPBR establish a harmonised data protection standard across APEC, facilitating data transfers among organisations in participating economies. This helps businesses to increase their global competitiveness and enhances confidence of the individuals providing the personal data.


Benefits to you (as a Data Controller)

  • Raise your business competitiveness, build trust and customer confidence in your business by demonstrating a high-standard of commitment to data protection
  • Save cost and time with a single and consistent set of privacy standard certification recognized across the APEC economies
  • Access global business opportunities
  • Facilitate how your business can seamlessly exchange personal data across APEC member economies while respecting privacy and security


Benefits to your customers

  • APEC economies customers will be assured that a data protection regime has been put in placed
  • Reduce the risk of accidental exposure or misuse of confidential/sensitive personal information
  • Working with a company which has the CBPR certification maintains the customer’s integrity to the safeguarding of personal data in its custody
  • Instil confidence and trust further down the supply chain resulting in stronger customer relationship


Benefits to your staff

  • Defines clearly and precisely roles and responsibilities ensuring proper handling of personal information
  • Lowers the risk of accidental exposure or misuse of confidential/sensitive personal information during and after employment
  • Reassurance that their employer is meeting data handling security guidelines
  • Increases job security through enhanced business performance


• Data Centre Design & Facility
• Data Centre Operations
• Business Continuity Management / BCDR
• Environmental Management / Energy Efficiency
• Quality Management / IT Service Management
• Information Security / Cloud Security
• Air Quality / Cleanliness
• Safety and Health Management
• Personal Data Protection

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