EPI Certification Pte Ltd (hereafter called EPI) has a vested interest in its branding of which the EPI name, logo and other indicia are important elements.

To ensure that branding is consistent for the benefit of EPI and its customers it is important that logos and indicia are used appropriately and consistently. This policy sets out the various terms related to the usage to which users will have to abide. By the virtue of using the indicia the user accepts the terms and conditions indicated in this policy.


Logo and Indicia Usage

EPI grants the right to use our indicia (not our logo) for those having obtained certification and wish to indicate this achievement to their customers and prospects. The indicia can only be used for the actual certification obtained and only during the validity of the certificate obtained. If and when a certificate, which was awarded by EPI, has expired then the user shall remove the corresponding indicia from all relevant items. For the purpose of clarification, EPI does not allow a continuation of usage of our indicia even if it includes statements such as ‘has expired’.

Change of Indicia

EPI reserves the right to change the indicia from time to time to meet the needs of the market and the brand identity requirements of EPI. Users who have used the indicia will adopt the change of the indicia within 90 days of the change, including making the required changes on all media including, but not limited to; brochures, websites, social media etc. EPI might, at its sole discretion, allow extensions of this period to accommodate the transition. Such requests shall be submitted via email or by registered mail to EPI’s head office as indicate on the EPI website (


Restrictions on Use

a) The indicia may be used on corporate communications or marketing items including, but not limited to, Web sites, brochures and promotional materials.

b) The indicia may not be used on any material, product or service intended to show an endorsement of EPI for such material, product or service

c) The indicia shall be used in the size, shape and color scheme provided by EPI. Where resizing is required it is allowed but only such that the X-Y aspect ratio remains identical to the original indicia.

d) The indicia shall always be used with certification number underneath it in a clearly legible font.

e) Change of color is strictly prohibited. Conversion to standard grayscale is permissible but only such that all text of the indicia remains clearly visible.

f) All use of the indicia, including fonts, color pallets, and related graphic elements must be high quality in nature, professionally applied, and clearly legible.


Ownership of Indicia and Protection of Rights

The user of the EPI indicia agrees and understands that EPI’s grant of use in no manner implies loss of ownership or control of the logo and/or indicia and agrees not to contest such ownership and/or control.

Right of Inspection
EPI reserves the right to inspect the medium on which the indicia are used and the user agrees to provide such samples in a timely manner when so requested by EPI.


EPI retains the sole right, and user agrees, that EPI can request the user to remove the EPI indicia as and when so requested by EPI with or without reason. The user will remove the indicia within a reasonable timeframe not to exceed 7 calendar days. Extension request should be requested by email and might be entertained at the sole discretion of EPI.


EPI reserves the right to pursue remedies and compensation under the copyright and trademark laws of the Republic of Singapore.


Severability, Non-Assignment, and Venue

In the event that any part of this agreement is found to be invalid the remainder shall still be valid and enforceable. This agreement may not be assigned by the credential holder to any other entity without the consent of EPI. This agreement shall be governed by the laws of the Republic of Singapore, which shall be the sole jurisdiction for any disputes.


Example of correct and incorrect usage (non- exhaustive)






Use of Accreditation Marks

The certified companies are allowed to use the relevant Singapore Accreditation Council (SAC) accreditation mark in conjunction with the certification mark of the accredited certification bodies to promote their compliance with certain standards and requirements in their promotion materials.

For more information on the use of the accreditation mark, refer to the SAC document, SAC 02 - Rules for Use of SAC Accreditation Marks and Mutual Recognition Arrangement (MRA) Marks.



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